Kohler School Foundation

Taking students beyond the basics of public education

Our Mission

Established in 1997, The Kohler School Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting the Kohler public education system and taking the Kohler School experience beyond the basics. 

The Kohler School Foundation helps to promote excellence in the Kohler School system by:

  • awarding grants for projects and purchases that support the curriculum
  • funding scholarships for students and professional development for educators
  • providing funding assistance for the ongoing and expanded needs of the Kohler Schools.

To keep pace with advances in technology and to maintain a progressive curriculum, the Kohler Schools need a reliable source of revenue separate from the restricted and often challenged public funding.  Your commitment can help make the difference!

Board of Directors

Jeremy Behler

Amy Biznek

Kathleen Blaser

Tarra Brotz

Laura Gabrielse

Lydia Geddes

Suzie Herold

Nina Kohler

Pete Schueller

Nicole Thomas

Heather Torke

Quynh Trueblood, Ex-Officio

Chelsie Warner, Consultant