Kohler School Foundation

Taking students beyond the basics of public education

2024 Fall Follies

The GOLD look of Kohler 

Celebrating 100 years of Kohler Schools

OCTOBER 12th, 2024


What we do


What is the Kohler School Foundation?

The  Kohler  School  Foundation  is a non-profit organization that grants  money  to  initiatives  that  support the Kohler School District’s  strategic  priorities,  provides scholarships to graduating seniors,  and  takes  the  district  beyond  the  basics  of  what  the  typical public school budget allows.  The Kohler School Foundation’s  funding  is  designated  solely to support the district.

Who is the Kohler School Foundation?  

We all are.  While the organization is comprised of a collection of local volunteers, without the dedication and support of YOU, the Foundation simply would not exist.

What is Fall Follies?  

This event has become a wonderful celebration known for fun and camaraderie.  In its sixteenth year, Fall Follies is an evening that brings together the district’s supporters: community, staff, and corporate contributors.  It celebrates both school and community and is a great opportunity to meet new neighbors, connect with others, or enjoy a night out without the kids!  The proceeds from the silent and live auction fundraiser go toward the Annual Fund, directly impacting the next school year, and a portion to the Visionary  Endowment Fund, that helps in future years.  It will be held October 14 at The American Club Resort Hotel.  The ballroom is quickly filling.  

How can I give if I cannot Fall Follies?

  • Write a check for a tax deductible donation and deliver it to the school or send to: ​​Kohler School Foundation, 333 Upper Road, Kohler, WI 
  • Donate Online from HERE.
  • Bid online in our auction.  (Coming Soon!)
  • Donate an auction item  HERE

What do I wear to Fall Follies?

There is no obligation to dress up, it will be fun night no matter what, but we think dressing up is half the fun!  Wear anything GOLD! Or anything you feel comfortable in.  Fall Follies is intended to be FUN - not stressful.  

Our Mission

Established in 1997, The Kohler School Foundation, Inc. is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enriching, enhancing and supporting the Kohler public education system and taking the Kohler School experience beyond the basics. 

The Kohler School Foundation helps to promote excellence in the Kohler School system by:

  • awarding grants for projects and purchases that support the curriculum
  • funding scholarships for students and professional development for educators
  • providing funding assistance for the ongoing and expanded needs of the Kohler Schools.

To keep pace with advances in technology and to maintain a progressive curriculum, the Kohler Schools need a reliable source of revenue separate from the restricted and often challenged public funding.  Your commitment can help make the difference!


If you are a Kohler Graduate, we want to hear from you!  Please update your information.